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Evolve from a Basic Eye Exam Provider to a Eye Care Physician with a Custom Website Platform.

Eyecandi elevates your online presence, turning your website into a dynamic tool that showcases your expertise and establishes you as the go-to eye care authority for your community.

Digital Challenges

Optometry practices struggle with digital challenges and public misconceptions, leading to poor patient engagement and a lack of recognition for their full range of services.

Perception Gap

Beyond Basic Eye Exams Online narratives have, more often than not, confined optometrists to the role of mere exam providers. Over 60% of patients primarily see optometrists through this limited lens, overlooking the holistic care they provide. This misperception leads to missed appointments and reduced patient retention.

Unrealized Potential

The Untapped Service Spectrum Despite offering a comprehensive suite of services, most optometry practices find that their local community remains unaware. Shockingly, only 30% of local patients recognize the full breadth of services available, translating to lost revenue and missed opportunities for fostering strong patient relationships.

Digital Roadblocks

The High Cost of Inadequate Web Solutions The need for an impactful digital presence is undeniable, but the path is fraught with obstacles. High expenses coupled with generic branding approaches have left nearly 70% of optometrists feeling their websites don’t truly represent them, undermining patient trust and online engagement.

Content Dissonance

Generic Over Authentic The prevalent templated content fails to capture the unique essence and identity of individual optometry practices. This leads to a weakened connection with potential patients, hindering trust-building and loyalty.

What We Do

Reformulating Optometry’s Digital Image — Beyond Mere Templates to Genuine Website Solutions

Your optometry expertise merits a custom digital platform that truly showcases your services and patient care. Eyecandi delivers unique website designs that resonate with your practice’s story, ensuring your online presence authentically attracts and serves your community. We offer a sustainable subscription model, granting continuous online enhancements without the high costs of custom development. Choose a website that reflects your distinctive practice with Eyecandi, and stand out as the preferred eye care professional in your area.

Why Choose Us

Crafting Visionary Bespoke Websites for Optometry with a Passion for Eye Health

With over two decades of experience, Eyecandi is a leader in digital brand development for vision health marketing. They bridge the gap between functional websites and the essence of optometry practices, crafting unique online narratives that reflect their dedication to eye care. Beyond website creation, Eyecandi actively advocates for eye health and partners with optometrists to enhance their digital presence, making it a testament to their mission and commitment to the field.

How We Work

Eyecandi specializes in creating optometry practice websites that reflect expertise, values, and commitment to patient care, ensuring a strong digital presence.

Mockup Design: Custom Website Solution

Precision-led Prototyping: Starting with a comprehensive understanding of your optometry practice, we craft mockups that set the visual tone and user journey for your online presence.

Content Development: Authentic Narratives

Diving deep into your services and values, we create resonating content that not only informs but also engages your patients, establishing a genuine connection.

Website Build: Seamless Integration

By merging the mockup and tailored content, we develop a website optimized for all devices. This ensures a consistent, intuitive experience for every visitor, regardless of how they access your site.

Maintenance: Ensuring Digital Excellence

Our commitment extends beyond the initial launch. We offer regular website updates, dynamic content refreshes, and foundational SEO practices. This continuous care ensures your site remains at the forefront of digital trends and stays relevant to your patients.

Case Studies

Dive into our case studies to discover how we’ve creatively solved complex challenges for our clients, offering insights and strategies that can inspire and guide your own business solutions.

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