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Rebrand and update The Vision Smith’s online presence to not only emphasize their wide array of eye care services but also to make the brand more appealing to the younger demographic.


The Vision Smith had to shake the common misconception that they were merely an eye exam provider and at the same time, needed to resonate with a younger audience without alienating their existing clientele.


The website and branding efforts focused on highlighting The Vision Smith’s comprehensive services while injecting a modern, youthful vibe into the content and design.


  • Website Redesign: Created a fresh, vibrant website design incorporating modern graphics, engaging visuals, and an intuitive layout that appeals to younger visitors.
  • Service Highlighting: Detailed explanations of services were complemented with contemporary icons and images, showcasing the breadth of offerings from pediatric eye care to LASIK surgery.
  • Interactive Features: Added online frame try-on functionality, engaging the younger audience with a hands-on digital experience to browse and select eyewear.
  • Social Proof: Incorporated testimonials from young patients to provide relatable feedback and build trust with the younger demographic.
  • Educational Content: Developed blog posts and guides on topics relevant to both young adults and parents seeking pediatric care, positioning The Vision Smith as a thought leader in eye health for all ages.

Event Engagement: Organized events and promotions targeting young families and young professionals, announced through the website and social media channels.


The Vision Smith’s updated online presence successfully attracted a younger clientele while also serving as an informative hub for all their patients. The interactive and modernized website led to increased engagement, particularly in the frames selection section, and more scheduled consultations from the younger demographic.


The Vision Smith effectively repositioned itself as a hip and knowledgeable eye care provider for all ages through strategic website enhancements and branding initiatives. By focusing on technology-forward services, a youth-friendly aesthetic, and interactive digital experiences, The Vision Smith broadened its appeal and bolstered its market position as a provider of comprehensive and lifetime eye care services.