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To rebrand Invision’s online presence, emphasizing their comprehensive medical procedures beyond basic eye exams, and to attract more patients through an informative and user-friendly website.


Invision’s expertise in a wide range of eye care services was not effectively communicated to patients, leading to a misconception that their offerings were limited to standard eye exams.


The website needed to highlight Invision’s multifaceted services and their commitment to personalized, long-term vision care, using a clear structure and engaging content.


  • Streamlined Navigation: Organized the website into clear sections for each service, making it simple for users to find the information they needed.
  • Service Education: Developed detailed descriptions for all services, such as Eye Rejuvenation and Management of Ocular Diseases, emphasizing Invision’s comprehensive care approach.
  • Brand Enhancement: Updated the website’s aesthetics to reflect Invision’s professional image, aligning with their advanced medical capabilities.
  • Patient Resources: Included downloadable forms and educational materials to empower patients and streamline their experience.
  • Engagement Features: Integrated options to book appointments, pay bills, and contact Invision directly to improve patient interaction with the site.


The revamped website not only aligned with Invision’s brand identity as a provider of extensive medical eye care services but also resulted in an increased number of patient inquiries and appointments, demonstrating a successful rebrand and improved patient understanding.


Through a strategic website redesign, Invision was able to successfully convey their role as a comprehensive eye care provider. The new online platform provided patients with easy access to information and resources, leading to a measurable increase in patient engagement and expanded service use. The enhanced digital presence effectively communicated Invision’s dedication to cutting-edge, personalized eye care.