The Utah Optometric Association understands the challenges our doctors face.

We help you keep up with everything from regulations; to practice needs and make sure you have a voice in Utah, but it doesn’t stop there. We understand the eyecare industry is constantly changing as new technological advancements are changing the way we practice. Therefore, we must be agile and willing to adapt—or find ourselves outmaneuvered.

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The Utah Optometric Association understands the difficulties that our members face. We assist you in keeping up with everything from regulations to practice demands and ensuring that you have a voice in Utah.

We also realize that the eye care market is constantly changing as new technological developments alter how we practice. As a result, we must be flexible and ready to adapt—or risk being outmaneuvered. Furthermore, consumer research indicates that they turn to online optical retailers for the variety of eyewear and convenience.

While many people may disagree, online eyeglass retailers can offer more options and colors than a brick-and-mortar store, and consumers appreciate it. While this may appear to be a significant threat to our eyewear revenue security, we cannot ignore these additional consumer choices.

So, let’s level the playing field.

In a conversation with Diane Lincoln Estes on, Warby Parker co-founder and co-CEO David Gilboa said, “We discovered that there is still a lot of demand for customers to visit physical locations, and we now have 55 stores. We will open about 25 more. Certain customers probably will never feel comfortable buying glasses online. So those customers wouldn’t shop with us unless we had physical stores.”

Even the most forward-thinking entrepreneurs understand the importance of visiting a physical optical store, where a specialist can discuss how to pick, fit, and purchase eyewear with a patient.

How do we compete with these online eyeglass retailers with large marketing budgets and dedicated teams?

We enlisted the help of Overflo, a local agency that specializes in healthcare digital marketing. With over two decades of experience, they are experts in creating solutions that engage today’s digital-savvy patients.

Overflo conducted user interviews with customers who buy glasses and contacts and revealed a lack of knowledge of locating eye care providers. As a result, practices are losing customers to big box stores and optical chains because they are easier to find.

According to a survey, 97 percent of consumers use Google and social media to find out where to get their eye care needs. Why is this significant? Customers want and desire to visit a physical location. Eyecandi increases awareness in your office, allowing you the opportunity to provide goods and services.

Overflo collaborated with the board members of the UOA to develop a unique solution to assist our members in gaining an advantage in the optometric industry.

Say hello to Eyecandi.

Eyecandi is a fully-automated eyewear frames gallery.

It’s simple, you spend two minutes answering questions about your practice and the frames brands you provide, and the platform will build a custom gallery in seconds. Seriously, it’s that easy. In fact, the platform keeps your gallery updated and maintained. This alone is worth it, along with some other automated features

  • Automatic removals
  • Automatic additions
  • Automated messaging
  • Automated branding

Use Eyecandi to Streamline Patient Onboarding

Make it easy on your patients and staff to find the perfect frames prior to their visit.

Use Eyecandi to Grow Eyewear Revenue

Let your patients and potential patients browse through your collection in a convenient way.

Use Eyecandi to Increase Medical Services

Eyewear can be a great catalyst to uncover other eye health needs.

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