Stop losing customers to someone else’s website.

Attract more customers to your office. Make it convenient for customers to browse eyewear options quickly and find the eyewear they want without leaving your website.

The Problem

Customers want convenience. Shopping begins at home. The vision council reported that 44 percent of adults who purchased eyeglasses used the Internet to learn what brand and style they wanted and where to buy them. Customers felt overwhelmed with over-cluttered frame boards and often experienced “choice overload.”

Say Hello to Eyecandi

How Eyecandi Helps

Customers want convenience. Let’s make it convenient!

  • Make it convenient for customers to browse options quickly and find the eyewear they want. Saving customers time and helping them find what they need.
  • Make it easy for customers to locate your office and request exam appointments.
  • Keep your customers in the know and showcase the latest trends in eyewear.

What is Eyecandi?

Eyecandi is a fully-automated frames gallery with built-in marketing tools developed to connect customers with your practice day or night. Customers who visit your website expect to see the frames you offer, not logos or links, taking them off your page. Customers are already searching online for products and services; if they can’t find what you offer, they will find it elsewhere.

How much does Eyecandi cost?

OOPA Members receive 25% off Eyecandi for life. Retail: 199.00 per month. OOPA Discount Price: 149.25 a month.

Is there a long-term contract and set-up fee?

Eyecandi has NO SET-UP FEES and NO CONTRACTS. Typical online frames galleries have long-term contracts requiring set-up fees ranging from $1500-2500.00 and monthly maintenance fees of $350-500.00.

How does Eyecandi integrate with my system?

Once your Eyecandi account is set up, you’ll receive your unique frames gallery link. Don’t hide your gallery. Have your website administrator add it to your home page in the main menu. Visibility is key.

I'm short-staffed. Is there additional training my staff needs to complete?

No. Eyecandi is entirely automated. There is nothing new for you or your team to do. Any inquiry from the customer goes directly to the email you choose. Eyecandi will add new frames and remove discontinued frames.

How do I use Eyecandi to advertise using my social media platforms?

When you sign up for Eyecandi, you can access Eyecandi’s repository containing assets (images ready for Facebook, Instagram, and your google my business page) at no additional cost.

Do I need to manage my frames gallery?

No. Your custom frames gallery is self-managed. When a frame is discontinued, it will be removed. When there is a new frame added, it will be added automatically.

Does the custom frames gallery show every frame the brand offers?

Yes. This allows you to offer more options to your customers.

What if a customer wants a frame I don’t carry in my office?

You can offer a similar style or offer to order the frame but let them know there is a shipping and handling fee.

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