Growing non-dues revenue is easy as pie.

One non-dues revenue stream (NDR) might make your association more revenue, but you don’t want to rely on just that. When you diversify your non-dues revenue streams, you’re less likely to take a hit if that source suddenly stops or decreases; the others will be there to make up for it. Eyecandi offers an affiliate program benefiting the OA, and its members.

A pain point consumers have about traditional shopping is convenience. Shopping for eyewear is no different. Offices have set hours and limited inventory, making taking a designated trip to shop for eyewear or lenses difficult.

The convenience of online shopping gives consumers control over when and where they can shop. For example, user research found that 43 percent of online shoppers have purchased while in bed, 23 percent at the office, and 20 percent while in a car.

So, why aren’t more optometry practices offering an online frames gallery to help shoppers find what they are looking for? The answer is time and resources.

Eyecandi is a no-hassle, fully-automated eyewear gallery for optometrists. In less than 2 minutes, practices can display their entire frames line, attract new customers, and streamline their onboarding and recall process.

Eyecandi’s Affiliate Program

Grow Non-dues Revenue Stream

Consistent revenue stream without investment or commitment.

Attract New Members

Members want value and support from their associations—access to exclusive discounts on digital tools and services to enhance and grow their businesses.

Help Members Level Up

Many practices simply can’t afford the cost of starting, designing, and maintaining a digital frames board. Provide opportunities to level the playing field between online retailers.

Let’s take it to the next level.

Schedule time with our Eyecandi expert, and your wildest dreams will come true. OK, maybe not your dreams, but we’ll make it easier to grow your NDR stream and provide support for your members.

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